Of Counsel

George W. Lewis


Mr. Lewis began his legal career as a corporate trademark and copyright attorney representing a major media corporation.  His primary responsibility was the registration, protection and enforcement of well-known cartoon characters.  Diverting from a legal career for several years, he operated his own company in the growing cable television industry.

After returning to the legal field in 1987, Mr. Lewis began to focus his practice on counseling clients in connection with domestic and foreign trademark matters.  His experience includes extensive work on trademark applications as well as supervising litigation and contested proceedings before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and similar entities around the world.  Mr. Lewis takes great pride in registering marks that others consider not remittable.  His perseverance when faced with rejections by the USPTO has frequently resulted in the registration of difficult marks.

Mr. Lewis is both the founder and Chairman of FOG, a society of international intellectual property law professionals.

George W. Lewis