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Michio Nakamura

Michio Nakamura


phone +819061447346

fax 571-395-8753

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Mr. Nakamura has broad experience in patent mining, procurement, and management in a large Japanese IT company.  He was a General Manager of the patent division of the company and was a President of an intellectual property subsidiary of the company.  Mr. Nakamura was also a chairman of the Patent Committee of the Japan Intellectual Property Association (JIPA). 


He is experienced with the full life cycle for patents, starting from identifying inventions and reviewing invention disclosures from businesses and from research and development, managing worldwide patent portfolio development, including effective patent strategies for different countries for strategic business advantage and cost effectiveness, to patent licensing and litigation.  Not only is Mr. Nakamura experienced with the different patent prosecution protocols in different countries, he also conducted research and reported on patent procedures from the perspective of different companies.  Mr. Nakamura was also involved in the JIPA’s first investigation into standards essential patents and led his company’s development of standards essential patents. 


Mr. Nakamura is actively engaged in golf and hopes to improve in the near future.