John Kong was a presenter in the IP Legal Network webinar titled "How to Practice Patent Law After Alice".

Dec 10, 2014

John Kong along with Charles Bieneman (Bejin Bieneman PLC), and Rick Holzer (Holzer IP Law, PC), were presenters of a free webinar on December 9, 2014. This webinar provides practical advice for navigating the tumult that has followed the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank. Many people are talking about how to respond to Section 101 challenges and draft applications to make patent claims survive Section 101 scrutiny – and we will, too. However, if the post-Alice world has made anything clear, it is that some subject matter that previously would have been found patent-eligible is now very unlikely to be issued by the USPTO – and even if claims issue, surviving the scrutiny of a federal court or the Patent Trial and Appeals Board presents a challenge. So what are intellectual property owners to do?

11/26/14 CAFC Alert - "Surviving Alice Gone Wild"

12/9/14 Webinar Citrix recording (registration required)

12/9/14 Webinar Powerpoint PDF