Mr. Alan Cooper was quoted in an article of Daily Report for Executives (BNA), DER Issue No. 165, Bloomberg Law

Aug 28, 2017

Mr. Alan Cooper was quoted in a Bloomberg Law article that was published in the BNA Patent Trademark and Copyright Journal.

Mr. Cooper was quoted in an article entitled “Jim Beam Limits Options for Damages in trademark Case”, dated August 28, 2017.  Patent Trademark & Copyright Journal-Daily Edition.  See the link attached.

Regarding plaintiff’s failed claim for damages, Mr. Cooper notes “when you’re making your initial disclosures, you need to state a basis for your claim for damages.” In this case, defendant successfully limited plaintiff’s chance to recover money for failing to provide critical data on its alleged damages during discovery.

Mr. Cooper has represented trademark owners for more than 25 years and served as lead counsel in numerous trademark infringement, trademark dilution, trade dress infringement, and false advertising actions involving Fortune 500 companies.

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