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Expert Witness and Consulting

In addition to our conventional legal services, the WHDA attorneys can leverage their legal expertise to suit many other roles.  For example, where our clients are not a party to the issue in question, our attorneys are available to news media and the financial industry to give our thoughts on the possible outcomes of a high-profile intellectual property case.  Furthermore, our attorneys keep close tabs on new developments from Congress, the USPTO and the courts, and can opine on the potential impacts that emerging statutes, case law and regulations will have on key industries.  Our attorneys are also available to help guide both large and small companies in their brand and patent portfolio management strategies.

The vast experience of our attorneys is also available to parties engaged in outside litigation, particularly legal malpractice suits.  For example, our attorneys can provide expert testimony with respect to the practical aspects of patent prosecution, both in the U.S. and Japan.  If we can help you with any of these services, please contact us.