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Electrical Engineering and Software

WHDA’s electrical engineering and software attorneys have extensive backgrounds in high technology, and include former patent examiners, inventors, and engineers for international corporations. Our attorneys pride themselves on staying current not only in the latest technological developments, but also in the latest legal developments that are particularly relevant to these technologies. For example, our electrical engineering and software team actively studies case law relating to business method and software patents, as well as the evolving interpretations associated with means-plus-function claims. Our attorneys use this knowledge to provide applicants with broad protection against future uncertainties. Examples of our electrical engineering and software expertise include:               

  • Semiconductor devices, fabrication, and packaging
  • Mainframe and personal computers
    • Parallel processing, caching, synchronization, data recovery
    • Information management and data processing systems
    • Battery management
  • Software products for various platforms
    • Object-oriented algorithms
  • Touchscreen devices
  • Data storage devices and methods
  • Bar code readers and methods
  • Green technology
  • Flat panel displays, LCDs, LEDs
  • Electric motors and control
  • Linear induction motors
  • Industrial machinery and robotics control
  • Telecommunications, networks and protocols
  • Digital networks
  • Camera, video display and projection control systems
  • Nuclear quadrupole and nuclear magnetic resonance devices